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Welcome to BlueWatcher!    
You are here if you have a CASIO SmartWatch (Bluetooth enabled) and the vendor application does not offer you full functionality for Android devices. Or maybe your Android device is not supported!


BlueWatcher turns your CASIO watch in a really "SmartWatch"!

End Of Life (EOL)

Due to innumerable problems between latest Android versions and Casio's bluetooth modules, BlueWatcher is End-Of-Life. Casio's problems cause the end of life of BlueWatcher. 

NO updates. NO support.

You can get it now for FREE!

Here you can find detailed information about the problems we found:

Casio published last year (06/03/15) an official announcement for Android users ( For us, it was a premature End-Of-Life announcement for its own product.

Smart Casio models are perfect for those who wants a G-Shock (fashion) with some minor smart functions but they lack when you want a really "SMART" watch. Now, Casio has announced it's new Android Wear watch: (WSD-F10) It's a TRUE SMARTWATCH and it is certified with "Military MIL-STD-810G" standard. This is the present for Casio!

* FOR DEVELOPERS: If you want to access BlueWatcher's source code and continue developing/maintaining it, please, contact us. Remember Casio never helped us. All BlueWatcher source code and Bluetooth protocol has been made by our own work.

enabled watches use Official G-Shock+ Android

G-Shock+ application offers incoming call, Mail, Facebook, SMS and Twitter notifications:
  • What's about Whatsapp notifications?
  • What's about my favourite game notifications? 
  • Oh! no! Do I need to enter my email account and password into the vendor app? 
  • Can I see a summary of the Facebook notification message? Answer: NO.

With G-Shock+ application we can control limited music features:

  • Can G-Shock+ App control my phone using my watch buttons? Yes but only the music player! BlueWatcher solves this problem.
  • If my watch has only 2 buttons (GB-5600), can G-Shock+ App be configured to execute more than 2 commands? NO!! BlueWatcher solves this problem.
  • Can I see my phone battery level from my watch? Oh! NO! BlueWatcher solves this problem.
  • Can I take photographs using my watch to control an Android Camera? No! No! BlueWatcher implements its own camera application in order to be controlled from your wrist.
You can use BlueWatcher to solve all the problems with official G-Shock+ application. Take a look to the next section "What can I do with BlueWatcher?"

Supported watches:

What can I do with BlueWatcher?

  • Autoconnect your watch when you bootup your phone or when you launch BlueWatcher. Once you connect to your main watch, it will reconnect at startup.

  • Auto reconnection if the watch goes out of range. EXCEPT GBA-400.

  • Phone finder service. Find your phone if you lose it.

  • Incoming call notifications with contact name resolving

  • Personalized Whatsapp notification algorithms (notify after read, notify all messages, notify after a delay time)

  • Select your own application and personalize the notification you want to send to the watch. Example: Line, Viber, GMail, Calendar... You decide!

  • Synchronize watch date and time.

  • Phone control capabilities. You can use your watch buttons to control some phone features. We are including new commands constantly:
    • CAMERA: Start camera: Start BlueWatcher's camera application.
    • CAMERA: Take photograph: Take a photograph if BlueWatcher's camera application is open.
    • MUSIC: Toggle Play/Pause: Play or pause your default music player.
    • MUSIC: Next Song: Play next song of your default music player.
    • MUSIC: Previous Song: Play previous song of your default music player
    • VOLUME: Raise: Raise the media volume of your phone.
    • VOLUME: Lower: Lowe the media volume of your phone.
    • Send Phone Control Mode: Send a notification to your watch with the current active "Control Mode".
    • Send Phone Battery Level: Sends a notification to your watch with the remaining battery level of your phone. 
    • GBA-400: Clear notification: You can clear the GBA-400 notification from the watch screen using this command. 

  • Multiple phone control modes. You can configure infinite button configurations. Create your own "Control Mode" with the commands for your watch buttons. If you have multiple "Control Modes" you will be able to switch between them to add infinite phone control combinations.

  • Personalize your watch button commands. You can configure what to do when you press a watch button. control your music player or even control your

  • Do not miss any notification. When connection is dropped, lost notifications will be sent to your watch when connected again!

  • When connected, show availables services.

  • BlueWatcher status bar notification in order to access quickly to the application and look for connection status.

  • Test watch connection

Read User's Guide here!

IMPORTANT: Users with Android 5.0 CAN have problems executing BlueWatcher because CASIO announced there is a problem between Samsung Bluetooth Drivers and CASIO bluetooth modules that can be extended to other phone models. See announcement: (12/26/2014) 

Bad Bluetooth BLE implementation is a known issue with Android 5.0. You can find more information here:

PLEASE, Read "Supported Watches" Section to get more info

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