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G-Shock GBA-400
G-Shock GBA-400
If you are here, you want to know that: BlueWatcher supports GBA-400!

At the end of 2014, CASIO released a music-themed model called G-Shock GBA-400 (G'MIX)

GBA-400 is a Bluetooth enabled watch that offers advanced music control features. The big difference is the big rotary switch at 3 o’clock that can be used to jump between songs, control the music volume...

Announced features are:

  • Change watch settings from your phone.
  • Control G'MIX music player from your watch.
  • Search for a song using SoundHound. Pressing a watch button, your phone recognizes a song.

Previous CASIO Bluetooth watches (GB-5600, STB-1000, GB-6900) offer more specific "SmartWatch" features like incoming call alert, email notifications, Facebook notifications. When an incoming call rings your watch can notify you vibrating, sounding and showing a message in the screen. Using BlueWatcher, GB-5600/STB-1000/GB-6900 models become a REAL SmartWatch.

It seems that CASIO decided to remove useful features from GBA-400 model and support more MUSIC capabilities. 

Which features do not implement GBA-400?

Next points are features that the watch do not include:
  • Notifications: GBA-400 does not alert you when an incoming call rings, an email arrives, etc.
  • Vibration: GBA-400 does not vibrate!!
  • No fixed connection: When you connect GBA-400, if you do not touch any button in some hours, the watch disconnects from the phone automatically.
  • No reconnection: If your connection breaks down, the watch does not try to reconnect again.
  • Can't configure multiple phone control modes to allow user to execute more than 5 phone commands.

In short, if you use G-Shock+ official app you will have an advanced music controller in your wrist! Forget receiving notifications or controlling advanced features from your wrist!

What can you do?

Don't worry! BlueWatcher is here to help you. BlueWatcher has full support for notifications and advanced phone control capabilities. If you connect BlueWatcher with your GBA-400 you will be able to receive all desired notifications in your wrist and you will be able to configure your own watch button commands.

What's the difference from previous CASIO Bluetooth watches?

When a notification arrives to your phone, BlueWatcher sends the notification information to your watch screen. No vibration since CASIO GBA-400 does not have vibration mode. Incoming call number/caller name, Whatsapp sender, mail notifications... Whatever you want! Please, read BlueWatcher instructions to discover what you can do.

What's about music control?

BlueWatcher 1.1.0 offers you advanced phone control features. From your GBA-400 you can configure your own watch button commands. You can configure multiple "Control Modes" to create infinite button configurations. Those are the supported commands you can assign to your buttons in your own "Control Modes":

  • Raise/Lower volume using the rotary switch
  • Play/Pause music using a physical button
  • Next song using a physical button
  • Previous song using a physical button
  • Clear notification from watch screen
  • Change control mode
  • Send current control mode to the watch

Can I user phone finder service?

BlueWatcher implements phone finder service for GBA-400 model. So, start BlueWatcher and use your FINDING button to make your phone sound. You can configure ringing time and volume!

What happens if GBA-400 and phone disconnect?

Since GBA-400 does not try to reconnect again, you can press Bluetooth button in your watch and BlueWatcher will connect automatically again! No actions required from the phone! If you have missed notifications in your phone, BlueWatcher will send you an alert notifying you have unread messages on your phone.

BlueWatcher is making progress and evolving constantly to turn your GBA-400 into a real SmartWatch.

Try BlueWatcher out and read User's Guide to discover detailed features.

Remember you can contact us at if you have problems, suggestions...

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