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User's Guide

Please, read "CONNECTION ESTABLISHMENT" section on this page. It has several instructions on how to connect watch and phone. Instructions are available for: GBA-400, STB-1000, GB-5600, GB-6900.

Repair watch and phone connection information. Please, follow "Connection establishment" instructions.

Connection establishment
Maybe you discovered that connecting the watch with the phone is not as easy as you can imagine. You can have several problems and we are going to help you!

First of all, read BlueWatcher Supported Phones section in order to check if your Android version is compatible with Casio Bluetooth modules. 

It's very important to pair the phone and the watch before trying to connect with BlueWatcher. Actually, BlueWatcher only connects watch and phone. In order to connect, devices must be paired before (It's different "pair" to "connect"). BlueWatcher do not execute pairing process. It's your responsability. You can execute pairing from your Android Bluetooth Settings. If you do not pair manually you will see Not paired! Pair Watch! in your connection status view

All the instructions described here have been extracted from CASIO Frequent Asked Questions.

If it's the first time you are executing BlueWatcher, please, follow next instructions if you want to minimize connection problems. Once BlueWatcher connects your watch, skip those steps. You will be adviced with next message:


- Exit bluewatcher

- Enter Android Bluetooth Settings and unpair GBA-400.

- In watch, click MODE button several times and go to SETUP mode.

- Once in SETUP mode, press ADJUST button for 3 seconds to unpair watch.

- Enter Android Bluetooth Settings in the phone again.

- Turn on Bluetooth on the watch

- Click SEARCH on the phone and click on CASIO GBA-400. It should turn off automatically your watch bluetooth when it's paired. 

- Execute BlueWatcher and:

- If you tried to connect the watch before, once CONNECTING is shown, turn on bluetooth on your watch. 

- If it's your first connection, turn on bluetooth on the watch and click "Select Watch" in BlueWatcher.
- If you see "Music" in the GBA-400 display, please, exit BlueWatcher, enter again and repeat this process.

- It will be connected when you see "READY" on your GBA-400 display.

- If you can't connect BlueWatcher with your GBA-400, restart your phone and try again this process.

  • STOP Official G-Shock+ Android application. Never run it till you connect to BlueWatcher. You don't have to uninstall it.

  • PHONE: Access your Bluetooth settings. Delete your previous watch pairing.

  • WATCHDelete your pairing information from your watch. This step is very important. Maybe your watch stored official app information and sometimes BlueWatcher can't connect. Follow instructions for your watch model (click the link for more information):
  • PHONE: Access your Bluetooth Settings again. Pair watch and phone before connecting with BlueWatcher. You can pair simply discovering devices in your Android device and clicking over your discovered CASIO watch.

  • Once you removed all pairing information and paired watch and phone from Android Settings, you can start connection process from BlueWatcher again.
Try to connect to a "NEW" watch SLOT. Select another memory slot in the watch (different from previous). For example, if you cleared SLOT 1... try to connect with SLOT 2. You can see here how to do it with one watch model.

  • If you are still having trouble connecting your watch and your phone, please, try the connection process several times and try next steps:
    • Turn OFF and turn ON again Bluetooth from your phone.
    • Restart your phone.

Please, contact BlueWatcher Support Team if you experience any problems while you connect your watch with BlueWatcher.

Allowing BlueWatcher to access your notifications

In order to send you notifications to the watch, BlueWatcher needs to read your phone notifications. This Android service was added in Android 4.3. That's why BlueWatcher do not support previous Android versions.

Access your phone Settings and click "Security" options. Here you will find "Notification Access". Check BlueWatcher.

If it's the first time you run BlueWatcher, you will be redirected here automatically!


Autoconnection at startup

Once you connected your watch for the first time, you don't have to discover your watch again when you open BlueWatcher. When you connect, your watch information is saved and will be used next time BlueWatcher boots up.

When you open BlueWatcher you will see "STATUS:" label will show "Connecting". Now, BlueWatcher is looking for your device. If it's detected then it will connect automatically. Turn ON your watch bluetooth!

Inside BlueWatcher

When BlueWatcher is started, a new notification in the status bar will appear. From this fixed notification (you can't remove this notification) you can go to the main BlueWatcher screen and you can see the connection status.

In the main screen you can find "Select Watch" button to select the watch you want to connect.

Scan and connect to your watch. Follow watch instructions to make it possible to BlueWatcher to see your watch (Bluetooth ON). Autoscanning is executed during 10 seconds. After the scan is done, you can click "SCAN" button to start scanning again.

Once you click on your watch, BlueWatcher will try to connect to it.

If you didn't paired your watch and phone before trying to connect, you will see next message:
Not paired! Pair watch! If you see this message, please, access Android Bluetooth Settings and pair you watch first.

You will be able to control your watch with BlueWatcher when "Connected" appears in the "Status" view. Connected status will be shown when:
  1. Your watch is connected
  2. BlueWatcher detected required Bluetooth services in the watch.
Once you connected, watch information will be saved to autoconnect at the next startup.

You can click "TEST" button to test if they are paired correctly. "TEST" button performs next operations:
  1. You will receive a call notification in your watch saying the caller is "BlueWatcher 1.0".
  2. The date and time of your phone will be sent to your watch.

 Control Mode: This tag information displays the current active phone control mode. As you will see in "Phone Control" section, you can configure multiple phone control modes and switch between them. Here, you will see at every moment the active one.

When "Connected" appears in your screen, you have to wait until watch ends connection process too. You will receive an incoming notification in your watch with the current active phone control mode. The notification is shown as: "X: Music"

Incoming call notifications

Here you can configure if you want to resolve contact names. If you do not check this option you will see caller number instead caller name.

Whatsapp notifications
Incoming Whatsapp messages will be notified as mail alerts.

Single contact messages will be prefixed with "W". Example: "W:Contact Name"

Group Messages
will be prefixed with "WG". Example: "WG:Contact Name"

From this screen you can disable/enable group notifications.

BlueWatcher implements three inteligent notification algorithms:

Delay new mesages:

When you receive a message from a contact, you will not receive new notifications from this contact after X minutes (configuration parameter).
For groups, you will not receive a notification for the group (any contact) after X minutes.

Notify after read:

When you receive a message from a contact, you will not receive new notifications till you read the first notified message.

If you receive 5 messages from contact X you will be notified only once. When you read those 5 messages from your mobile, you will be ready to receive new notifications for this contact.

This algorithm will be a little different for group messages. Group messages are processed as contact messages. BlueWatcher do not distinguish between single contact messages and group messages. You will not receive any message from the group until you read the first notified message.

Notify all messages: Easy, you will receive a notification in your watch every time a message arrives to whatsapp. (BE CAREFUL WITH BATTERY DRAIN)

Actually, BlueWatcher is not able to get sender ID from the notification. The only way to do this is parsing the incoming notification message header "Message from XXX". For this purpose, please, fill in the "Notification filter" text field with the header of your notifications. With this text field BlueWatcher will be able to notify you who sent you the message and group ID!
Custom notifications

In this screen you can see a list with the selected applications that will be notified to the watch. Click "ADD" button to add a new application or click over an application from the list to edit it.
Adding a new generic application:

In this screen you can see a list with ALL the installed applications in your phone (Icon and Application name). Select one application or click "FIND" button to look for a concrete application.

If you select "FIND" option you can write a substring of the application. You don't need to write full application name.

For example: If you type "Face" you will find "Facebook" application. If you type "mail" you will find "GMail" and other mail applications.
Editing a generic application:

Even if you added a new generic application or you are editing one you can modify next options:

Label: If you want to notify a fixed text, select this checkbox and write your own message. If you do not select this option, the notification will be the text of the notification in the watch.

Prefix: You can modify the prefix you want in your messages when a notification is shown.

For example, write "F" for Facebook and all your notifications will start with "F: xxxxx".

Header filters: When the notification text is shown, you can filter messages with a header filter. If your notification message starts with one of this filters, it will be shown without this beginning text.

For example, If your application notification is "You earned 46 points" you can set header filter to "You earned " and the message sent to you watch will be "46 points".
Alert type (EXCEPT ON GBA-400): If your watch supports different notification styles you can select one of those: CALENDAR, MAIL, SNS, SMS, Call.
Notification Examples
1. "Facebook" with Label="Facebook" and empty "Header filters" notifies you. WATCH TEXT -> "Facebook"

2. "Facebook" with "Prefix=F" and empty "Header Filter" notifies you. WATCH TEXT -> "F:Ben sent you a message"

3. "MyGame" with "Prefix=G" and "Header filter=You won" notifies you "You won 54 points". WATCH TEXT -> "G:54 Points"

Phone Control

BlueWatcher incorporates advanced phone control capabilities. We present you the concept of "Control Modes". "Control Modes" allows you to configure multiple watch button mappings.

Using official G-Shock+ App you can configure which command to execute with every button, but you are restricted to the number of buttons you have in your watch.

BlueWatcher allows you to multiply the number of buttons by infinite. You only have to create new Control Modes and assign more commands to your watch button. Once you configure multiple Control Modes, you can switch between them from you own watch and execute infinite phone control combinations.

When you switch between different Control Modes, you will see the current control mode in the main BlueWatcher screen and in the fixed BlueWatcher status bar notification.

Use 'ADD' button to include your own Control Modes. This is an ordered sequence of Control Modes so when you switch to the next mode this will be the strict order.

Once you are editing or adding a new Control Mode, you will find next screen:


This screen is personalized to your watch model. So if you have a GB-6900B you will see the previous screen. If you have a GBA-400 you will see a 5 button configuration screen.

IMPORTANT: You can configure multiple/different watch models in a single BlueWatcher instance. Ex: Maintain a Phone control config for GBA-400. Connect your GB-5600, configure your own Control Modes. Then, you will see the configuration depending on the connected watch.

Name: Configure your Control Mode name. It must be a unique name.

Buttons configuration: Select the command you want to execute when you are in this Control Mode. You can select from a wide range of commands that will be increased over BlueWatcher releases. You can select one of the next commands:

  • CAMERA: Start camera: Start BlueWatcher's camera application. Read "BlueWatcher's Camera" section.
  • CAMERA: Take photograph: Take a new photograph if you are executing BlueWatcher's camera application. Read "BlueWatcher's Camera" section.
  • MUSIC: Toggle Play/Pause: Play or pause your default music player.
  • MUSIC: Next Song: Play next song of your default music player.
  • MUSIC: Previous Song: Play previous song of your default music player
  • VOLUME: Raise: Raise the media volume of your phone.
  • VOLUME: Lower the media volume of your phone.
  • Send Phone Control Mode: Send a notification to your watch with the current active "Control Mode".
  • Send Phone Battery Level: Sends a notification to your watch with the remaining battery level of your phone. The notification will be something like: "BAT:91%"
  • GBA-400: Clear notification: When you receive a notification in your GBA-400 mode, you can clear the notification from the watch screen using this command. You will see next message once you clear the notification: "READY".
  • CHANGE CONTROL MODE: Switch current Control Mode to the next configured.

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple Control Modes, remember to configure one button of every Control Mode with the command "CHANGE CONTROL MODE" in order to switch between control modes from your phone.

BlueWatcher includes a default control mode called "MUSIC". It has the default commands to control your music player.

BlueWatcher's Camera

As you have seen before, you can use your watch buttons to start BlueWatcher's camera application to take a simple photograph. In order to be able to take photographs from all supported phones, BlueWatcher team decided to implement its own camera application.

Remember you can start BlueWatcher camera app from "BlueWatcher Settings" section.

When you start the camera application you will be able to control three features:

Autofocus: Click in the photo preview screen to execute an autofocus. You will see how your camera tries to focus automatically.

Flash ON/OFF: Using this button you can control your flash. If "Flash ON" is displayed, your camera will use Automatic flash mode. If "Flash OFF" is displayed, flash will never be used in your photographs.

Capture: When you click Capture button or you take a photo using your watch buttons you will see that a new Autofocus is performed before taking the final picture. Your photo will be focused even if you moved your phone after last autofocus.


When you take a photograph you will see that a preview of the final shot will be displayed. You will be asked to Save or to Cancel the operation.

If you save the photograph, it will be saved in your device storage. A new folder called "BlueWatcher" will be created automatically to put all your new photographs.

And do not worry, your new photographs will be displayed in your default media content viewer!!!

Time synchronization

If you select this checkbox, BlueWatcher will send the date and time of your phone to the watch. Date and Time will be synchronized.

Date & Time are automatically synchronized when connection between watch and phone is stablished (new connection or reconnection).

Phone Finder

Phone finder service is currently available for all watch models

From this screen you can 
disable/enable phone finder service.

Finder alert duration (s): You can configure how many seconds will be phone ringing in order to find it. When phone begins to ring in FINDING mode, it will stop ringing after configured seconds.

Phone finder volume: You can configure the volume of the alert when phone is ringing in FINDING mode.

NOTE: CASIO GBA-400 model implements phone finder service but you need to be disconnected from BlueWatcher in order to execute FINDING action. Please, read GBA-400 instructions to be able to execute Phone Finder service.

Show availabe services

You can see which services are available in your watch. Sometimes, you connect your watch to BlueWatcher and have problems with available features. Enter this section and check if all supported services are running.

Available services will be shown only when you connect!

BlueWatcher Settings

Here you can configure 3 options:
Launch BW at system startup:

If you select this checkbox, BlueWatcher will be launched after phone startup.

Show reconnection message: 

When your connection between watch and phone is broken, you see an Android Toast specifying that BlueWatcher will try to reconnect your watch. This message has maximum priority so you will see it even if you are typing in your keyboard. Uncheck this option to hide the reconnection message.

Send control mode notification: 

When you connect your watch and your phone, you enter in a current "Control Mode". You can execute commands on your phone using your watch buttons. If you select this option, you will receive a notification in your watch with the activated "Control Mode".
You will receive the notification when you connect or reconnect watch and phone and every time you change something in your configuration (as control model is restores again).

GBA-400: Watch button cleans notification

GBA-400 model can receive notifications but you can't remove them from your watch screen. If you select this option, when you receive a notification, you can clean the notification pushing ANY watch button. IMPORTANT: Once you receive a notification, the button will not execute the configured command in your current Control Mode. First button press will clear notification. Second button press will execute configured command.
Remember you can disable this option and configure one of your watch buttons to clear the notification!

Android Notification Settings: 

Here you can access Android "Notification Settings" section directly.

BlueWatcher Camera: 

You can start BlueWatcher's own camera application using this button. It's a simple but functional camera application.

In-app Help

Once you are in the main screen of BlueWatcher, you can show contextual settings menu using Android keys and show more options. Click HELP to redirect your mobile web browser to this current help page of!


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