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G-Shock GBA-400
Supported Watches

Compatible mobile phones

  • Android 4.3 and newer versions (PLEASE, read IMPORTANT notice)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy).
  • Phone associated with your Google Account


Users with Android 5.0.X MAY have problems connecting CASIO watches using BlueWatcher because CASIO announced there is a problem between Android 5.0 Bluetooth Drivers and CASIO bluetooth modules that can be extended to other phone models. See announcement: (12/26/2014)

As you can read in the official link of CASIO G-Shock, you can contact CASIO Support Center. We contacted them and they can repair Casio Bluetooth watches in order to connect using Android 5.0.X. We sent all our watches to the Spanish Casio Support Center and the watches are back again working in Android 5.0.2 using BlueWatcher.

There are other known problems that may affect your phone: 

Bad Bluetooth BLE implementation is a known issue with Android 5.0. You can find more information here:


Compatible watches

BlueWatcher is based on Bluetooth Profiles. Bluetooth profiles are definitions of possible applications and specify general behaviors that Bluetooth enabled devices use to communicate with other Bluetooth devices.

Tested watches

Talking about "Bluetooth Profiles" is tedious!!! 

BlueWatcher was created from scratch and tested by the XDA Developers Community. BlueWatcher was tested against all SmartWatches with ANP and CTS Bluetooth Profile.

Mainly, the supported watches were all CASIO Bluetooth models. BlueWatcher has been tested by several XDA Community members so we can say outright that it is running like a charm with next watches. If you have problems with any of the supported watch models, please, contact us through Support Mail (It will work surely!)


BlueWatcher supports GBA-400 model! Please, read our detailed section about this watch.



First CASIO Bluetooh SmartWatch. It was released in 2012. In our tests we can see that connectivity is a little unstable but it's working with BlueWatcher. Phone control service is ONLY AVAILABE IN AB model.


This CASIO model is a design evolution for the GB-5600 but same functionality. BlueWatcher sends notifications to this watch. Time synchronization is supported too. This model do not has music control. Phone control service is not available for this model.


Namely '2nd Generation' CASIO G-SHOCK Bluetooth model. It's an evolved model with same notification and time synchronization features as GB-5600 model but with Music Control capabilities. With this watch, you can control your favourite music player using the official CASIO Android Application! BlueWatcher uses Notification, Time synchronization and phone control modules! Now you can control your phonefrom BlueWatcher.

This is the most extended model. Aproximately, 60% of XDA testers owns this model so it has been deeply tested!


Same model as CASIO G-SHOCK GB-6900B bug much bigger! So nothing more to say here. Same functionality as CASIO G-SHOCK GB-6900B and full tested support.


This watch has only OFFICIAL support for iPhones

The purpose of this watch is to check personal fitness data from popular mobile apps. But it incorporated same functionality as their G-SHOCK 6900 brothers. So the watch can receive notifications and time synchronization too. 

If you have an Android phone, you can connect it to your STB-1000 using BlueWatcher. At the moment, all functions of BlueWatcher are running in Android for STB-1000 model!

BlueWatcher has been tested too with this model. It works! But, at the moment, you loose personal fitness data monitoring and music control.

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